It looks like The A-Team movie may have it’s B.A. Baracus. “Latino Review” caught up with heavily in demand actor Tyrese who told them he’s in the film and that “soon as that script come back in and they tweak that thing out, we gonna go ahead and get movin’.”Se pare cã filmul “Echipa de Elitã” s-ar putea sã-l aibã pe B.A. Baracus. “Latino Review” a vorbit cu actorul Tyrese Gibson si au aflat de la acesta cã va începe munca la film imediat ce va fi definitivat scenariul.

He doesn’t actually confirm which character he’ll be playing in the film, and LR has some wild speculation that he may be playing someone else, especially in light of the conflicting rumors that Ice Cube has long been rumored for the part. Did anyone really take those Ice Cube rumors seriously though? Besides Ice Cube that is. Ice Cube is not muscular. That bulk under his shirt is fat. Mr. T is supposed to be a bulked up, over-muscled badaass… not a lovable, huggable, bearded rapping teddy bear.

Tyrese on the other hand is a muscly dude with the comedic chops to pull of the somewhat silly Mr. T. As long as he can grow a decent Mohawk, Tyrese should work.

Acesta nu a confirmat ce personaj va juca în film, iar cei de la Latino Review cred cã s-ar putea sã joace pe altcineva, mai ales cã se zvoneste cã Ice Cube va primi acel rol. Dar a luat, oare, cineva în serios acele zvonuri? Adicã, în afarã de Ice Cube. Ice Cube nu e un om musculos, ci un om gras. Mr. T ar trebui sã fie un om solid si plin de muschi… nu asemenea unui ursulet de plus rapper.

Pe de altã parte, Tyrese e plin de muschi cu calitãti de comic si care ar putea reusi sã-l interpreteze pe Mr. T. Atâta timp cât îsi va lãsa o creastã decentã, Tyrese va fi foarte bun pentru rol.


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