Bruce Willis e pregatit sa regizeze primul sau film, si nu are nici o legatura cu el si lupta impotriva teroristilor. Bruce Willis is about to direct his first movie, and it doesn’t sound like it’ll have anything to do with him fighting terrorists. Actually, from the title it sounds like something that might star Debra Winger.

Shreveport Times, spune ca filmul se va numi Three Stories About Joan, film in care va juca si el alaturi de Owen Wilson si Kieran Culkin. Va fi un thriller psihologic ce se va desfasura in Louisiana, cunoscut si ca Bayouwood.


According to the Shreveport Times, he’s helming a movie called Three Stories About Joan, which he’ll also star in along with Owen Wilson and Kieran Culkin. It’s a psychological thriller, which like so many recent films, will shoot in Louisiana, aka Bayouwood.



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