Lionsgate has released a red band trailer for Saw V. It’s not so much of a trailer as it is an extended clip.Lionsgate a lansat un trailer necenzurat pentru Saw V. Nu prea e un trailer, mai mult e un clip extins…

In this clip, he’s chained up a murderer and given him a choice: Let a cartoonish swinging pendulum cut him in half, or put his hands in a vice and allow them to be crushed. What isn’t clear is how getting his hands crushed will save him from the pendulum… but then this is Saw and where here for the gore not for the puzzles, right?


In clip, un ucigas in lanturi, are de ales : sa fie taiat pe jumatate sau sa-si zdrobeasca mainile. Intrebarea e cum zdrobirea mainilor il poate salva sa nu fie taiat pe jumatate… In fine, vedeti si voi.



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