The site says we should expect a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 soundtrack on a two-disc edition with the following list of features: Acest site ne spune sa ne asteptam la o coloana sonora in format Dolby TrueHD 5.1 pe o editie de doua discuri ale Blu-Ray-lui care va mai contine:

  • “Gotham Discovered: The Creation of a Scene” – Christopher Nolan and his collaborators unveil details on the planning of the movie, including stunt double work, how was filming in IMAX done, and information about the new Bat-suit, Bat-pod, etc.
  • “Batman Technology: Gadgets and Tools” (in HD)
  • “Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight” (in HD)
  • “The World of Batman Seen Through Real Life Psychotherapy” (in HD)
  • 6 clips from the Gotham Cable Premier’s newscast: “Tonight in Gotham”
  • Galleries
    • The Joker’s letters
    • Conceptual Art
    • Posters
    • Production Stills
  • Trailers and TV spots

  • “Gotham Descoperit: Crearea unei scene” – Christopher Nolan si colaboratorii sai ne dau detalii despre planificarea filmului incluzand cascadoriile si informatii privind costumul lui Batman, masina lui etc.
  • “Tehnologia folosita de Batman” : Scule si dispozitive (in HD)
  • “Batman descoperit: Psihologia lui Dark Knight” (in HD)
  • “Lumea lui Batman vazuta prin ochii psihoterapiei din lumea reala” (in HD)
  • 6 clipuri din premiera noutatilor prezentate de Gotham Cable: “In seara asta in Gotham”
  • Galerii
    • Literele Jokerului
    • Arta conceptuala
    • Postere
    • Poze de la productie
  • Trailere si reclame TV



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