Robert Sanchez de la IESB , a fost “incoltit” de Zack Snyder, undeva intr-un bar, si noi credem ca dupa ce au “dovedit” cateva paharele de tequila, Sanchez si-a dat drumu la gura si a vorbit de o continuare la 300. Snyder ne spune si noua ce a aflat el.

IESB’s Robert Sanchez cornered Zack Snyder in a bar somewhere and we presume, after buying him tequila shots, got him to spill details on what’s going on with the sequel to 300. Snyder opened up and told him all about it.

Se pare ca ei il asteapta pe Frank Miller care lucreaza la script dar nu este in prim plan, fiind ocupat cu filmul The Spirit.

Ce mai spune Snyder este ca actiunea filmului se va petrece intre Batalia de la Termopile, ceea ce am vazut in 300 si Batalia de la Platea, care incepe chiar la sfarsitul filmului 300. Din monologul lui Dilios’, de la sfarsitul filmului, se pare ca el va fi in centrul atentiei, ocupandu-se de urmatoarele batalii, de unde deducem ca daca va exista continuarea, Dilios`(jucat de David Wenham) va avea un rol mai important in acest film.


It seems that right now they’re waiting on Frank Miller. Rather than just coming up with any old sequel script, Miller is working on a second graphic novel which, when finished they will use as the basis for another film, the same as they did the first time around. Neither Snyder, nor anyone else will have any input into what Miller’s doing. It’s all up to him. It’s only after Miller is done that they’ll go to work. Miller on the other hand has been pretty busy directing The Spirit, so it’s no surprise that he hasn’t already finished.

What Snyder did know though is that the movie will take place between the Battle of Thermoplyae, which we saw fought during 300 and the Battle of Platea, which is the battle we see starting at the end of the film. According to Dilios’ monologue at the end of the film, there’s a year worth of time in between there, filled with battles galore. Hopefully, this means Dilios, and the underrated David Wenham who plays him, will now have a much bigger role.



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