MSN au debutat cu un trailer pentru filmul The Open Road in care joaca Justin Timberlake, Jeff Bridges si Kate Mara.

“Filmul este despre o legenda a baseballului si prietena sa care pornesc intr-o drumetie impreuna cu tatal lui.”IMDb

The Open Road este scris si regizat de texanul Michael Meredith (Three Days of Rain). Filmul a fost filmat in Louisiana si Tennessee, in 2008. Anchor Bay Films va lansa filmul The Open Road in cinematografe din 28 august.



MSN debuted the trailer for The Open Road stars Justin Timberlake, Jeff Bridges, and Kate Mara.

“Movie centers on the adult son of a baseball legend who, together with his girlfriend, embarks on a road trip with his estranged father.”IMDb

The Open Road is both written and directed by Texan filmmaker Michael Meredith, of only Three Days of Rain previously. This was shot in Louisiana and Tennessee back in early 2008 and has been waiting to be released since. Anchor Bay Films is finally bringing The Open Road to limited theaters on August 28th.



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