Exista un film suedez, in productie, pe nume We R Animals si va fi un film cu papusi animate, interzis minorilor inspirat dupa filmul lui Peter Jackson, Meet The Feebles si creaturile din Gremlins/Labyrinth.

Au fost lansate cateva poze de catre Twitch (cu ajutorul SlashFilm) si contin imagini cu un fel de creaturi Gremlins ce au o disputa cu niste papusi Muppets. Majoritatea papusilor din film sunt controlate cu mainile iar fetele sunt robotizate. Pozele sunt dintrun test facut de regizorul Thobias Hoffmen ce urmeaza sa finanteze aceasta productie care va incepe in 2011.

Hoffmen descrie filmul, dupa cum spune si pe SlashFilm:

“‘A live-action version of a cartoon world.”

Subiectul este despre o iepuroaica Snow White (Alba ca Zapada) ce scapa dintr-un magazin de animale si sfarseste a deveni o dama de companie controlata de un peste nebun pe nume Flash si prietenii lui, niste caini. Este o aventura comica in care intalnim pisici drogate, catei afemeiari, pisici ucigase ninja, lilieci vampiri si multa nebunie si magie.

Iata si pozele :



There’s an upcoming Swedish film in development called We R Animals that is an R-rated English language animated puppet movie inspired by Peter Jackson’s Meet The Feebles and creatures in Gremlins/Labyrinth. A batch of crazy photos recently hit on Twitch (via SlashFilm) and it has kind of a Gremlins meets deranged Muppets. Most characters in the movie will be played by hand puppets with animatronic faces. The photos come from a test shoot that director Thobias Hoffmen did to get financing for this, with production starting in 2011.

Hoffmen describes the film in a quote found by SlashFilm: “‘A live-action version of a cartoon world.’ A bit like an adaptation of a graphic novel. It is our world, yet not. As a living painting by CM Coolidge, which is drawing everything to a head.” The insanely wacky plot involves the female rabbit Snow White breaking out of a pet store only to end up becoming a prostitute under the control of a shady and devious pimp cat named Flash and his dog friends. It’s a comic adventure, filled with drug using cats, horny dogs, cat-ninja assassins, vampire bats, cruelty and magic.



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