Warner Bros au lansat primele poze din filmele care urmeaza sa le lanseze in anul 2011:  Sherlock Holmes 2 de Guy Ritchie cu actrita debutanta la Hollywood Noomi Rapace (Trilogia Millenium); The Hangover 2; Horrible Bosses cu Jason Bateman, Charlie Day si Jason Sudeikis;  Something Borrowed cu Kate Hudson; Final Destination 5 cu Emma Bell si The Apparition cu  Ashley Greene si Tom Felton.

SHERLOCK HOLMES 2 – Din 16 decembrie 2011:

THE HANGOVER PART II – Din 26 mai 2011:

HORRIBLE BOSSES – Din 29 iulie 2011:

SOMETHING BORROWED – Din 10 iunie 2011:

FINAL DESTINATION 5 – Din 26 august 2011:

THE APPARITION – Din 9 septembrie 2011:



Warner Bros has unveiled a good first look at their 2011 line-up, which includes brand new never-before-seen photos from movies like Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes 2 with actress Noomi Rapace making her big Hollywood debut; one shot of the guys from The Hangover 2, a first look photo at Horrible Bosses starring Jason Bateman, Charlie Day & Jason Sudeikis, quite a trio; plus some new shots from Something Borrowed with Kate Hudson, Final Destination 5 with Emma Bell, and The Apparition with Ashley Greene and Tom Felton.



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