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Claudiu Petrescu

"You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?"

Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman… CANDYMAN! has exclusively learned that Sony Pictures is eyeing a remake of Bernard Rose's Clive Barker adaptation, Candyman. Candyman was made famous by actor Tony Todd, who appeared in the first film in 1992...

Quarantine website

Screen Gems has launced the full official website for Quarantine, opening in theaters on October 10. The horror-thriller stars Jennifer Carpenter, Jay Hernandez, Columbus Short, Greg Germann, Steve Harris, Dania Ramirez, Rade Sherbedgia and...


The Hollywood Reporter says that Alcon Entertainment has picked up the rights to "Cryptozoo Crew," a graphic novel by Jerry Carr and Allan Gross, hiring screenwriter Joe Gazzam to adapt it into a big...

New pic from Babylon A.D.

RopeOfSilicon has an exclusive pic from Babylon A.D. Is a pic of Vin Diesel and Mathieu Kassovitz on the set of Babylon A.D. "Vin plays a mercenary hired to deliver a package from the ravages of...

Justin Marks another… SuperMax!

Green Arrow & Black Canary Red hot scribe Justin Marks was feeling a little chatty recently so he decided to talk to MTV about his Green Arrow film, SUPER MAX (or whatever the...

Like Father with Ashton Kutcher

When you hear the phrase "multigenerational fatherhood comedy," you might think of Ashton Kutcher's own personal life. After all, he's the stepfather to three teenage and early-20s girls, at least one of whom could...

Watchmen 4 new pics

Warner Brothers has just released four new images from Watchmen. Nothing particularly new here, just different angles on Rorschach, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre II, The Comedian, and Archie. Still, it’s Watchmen and they look...

Prince Caspian Headed to Blu-ray this November

Disney has yet to announce it, but early word is coming from retailers that the studio is planning a late-November bow for the fantasy hit 'The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.' Though considered somewhat of...

Toronto Film Festival: 20 Special Presentation Films Announced

The Toronto International Film Festival starts in only three weeks and today we've got a list of another 20 films that are premiering at the festival in the "Special Presentation" category. Back in June...

Bruce Campbell Talks Evil Dead 4!

One of the most exciting bits of news to come out of Comic-Con was Sam Raimi confirming that Evil Dead 4 was already in the works. Hearing that news was almost as good as...

Dark Knight Sequel Poster made by a fan

The Dark Knight called The Dark Knight Returns. I'm pretty damn sure its fake, but it looks impressive, so I thought I'd put it up anyway. Not only is the Riddler not the official...

McLovin Kick-Ass

We've been waiting for this news to hit ever since we first announced that Mark Millar's violent comic book Kick-Ass was being adapted by Stardust director Matthew Vaughn. Before we get down to the...
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