Linda Hamilton in Terminator? (2)

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HERE we hear something about Linda Hamilton to return in next Terminator Salvation.
This time, the noise comes from a website called, where they claim to have spoken to “some people behind the scenes” of Terminator Salvation at Comic Con. Having been at that same Comic Con and failed to even locate “behind the scenes” let alone get into it, I have to wonder who the heck these people were, and how a site called managed to get behind the scenes to talk to these apparently very important people, when no one else was able to. I guess they have pull, or really big muscles. They are Arnold Fans after all. TheArnoldFans say they used their powers to get these mysterious, unnamed people to tell them: “Linda is the only way to go to honor the original Terminator films and to tie our films together. We’re big fans of The Sarah Connor Chronicles but we’re either going with Linda or shooting the actors holding a picture.”

Where their story gets really confusing is in the next paragraph when they say that Linda has now been contacted to be in the film, but then immediately follow up that statement with brand new quotes from agent, where they are told in no uncertain terms that she hasn’t been contacted about being in the film at all. They haven’t even heard anything about using her photo, let alone actually having her in the film. The site then follows that interview up with the odd editorial assertion that “they will come to an agreement to use Linda’s photo”… even though they’ve just told us that there’s no evidence that anyone is even pursuing such an agreement.

So to recap: some site called says Linda Hamilton absolutely will or will not be in Terminator Salvation. I’d call that case closed.


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