One of the most exciting bits of news to come out of Comic-Con was Sam Raimi confirming that Evil Dead 4 was already in the works. Hearing that news was almost as good as winning the lottery, but alas, we’ve got to wait for this. Raimi did at least confirm that star Bruce Campbell would probably return because “he’s super willing to do anything to make it right” and Raimi “would love to work with Bruce again.” It was only a matter of time before someone finally caught up with the man himself, megastar Bruce Campbell. Ah yes, listening to Bruce talk about Evil Dead is like listening to Beethoven play the piano. I don’t even care that what he says really doesn’t mean anything, because it’s still music to my ears. Care to listen?

When Raimi mentioned it at Comic-Con, he didn’t mention much. However, Campbell tells MTV that they have been discussing a fourth film. Obviously we don’t know where the story will take them, considering at the end of Army of Darkness in 1992 he was back at S-Mart kicking she-bitch ass in modern day. But Campbell did say Raimi would factor in the age into the film. “Sam gets to hide behind the camera. I can’t. But I think he’s planning on factoring that in. As like a major factor. It’d be a major liability, you know Ash runs out of breath or his back goes out and [stuff] like that,” Campbell explains. “So there’s a little bit of truth to all of that!” As for any prep time, Campbell adds: “When he’s ready, I’m ready.”

They go on to ask him the quintessential question – if Indiana Jones went the “old man” route and included Shia LaBeouf as the new, young sidekick, would Evil Dead 4 do the same? “I think the audience would be insulted if you did, because then you feel this obvious pressure to appeal. The beauty of the Evil Dead movies is that you’re only appealing to one demographic and that’s people who like horror movies. And you just have to please them. You don’t have to appeal to the studio. You’re already pleasing them by giving them part 4.” Not only does Bruce Campbell kick ass, but he’s smart, too! I just hope Raimi is smart enough himself to make sure that aspect of the Evil Dead movies is still intact when he makes the fourth.

As excited as all of this should make you, unfortunately Campbell confirms that it’s all just “smoke and mirrors at this point” and that “nobody knows anything.” Thank you MTV for brightening my day with a little bit of Bruce Campbell love. Now we just cross our fingers and sit back and hope that it all happens. We can dream, I suppose, and dream about Evil Dead 4 with Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi and more she-bitches, I shall. We leave you with this final bit of wisdom straight from Campbell’s mouth – oh how sweet it would be. “I mean if we were really smart [though], we’d go back to a handheld movie and shoot it in 16mm and find someplace in the middle of nowhere. And have a crew of 10 people. If we were smart.”



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