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Iron Man 2 was announced pretty much the minute Iron Man made its first million, and all summer we’ve been hearing news about release dates, screenwriters, and stars all set to return. And now Jon Favreau reports that they’re finally getting down to work.

“We’re working on it now,”

he told The Los Angeles Times,

“which hasn’t been officially announced. It will be released in 2010.”

I’m not sure what he means by “officially announced,” given that there’s been reporting about the sequel all summer, but hey! They’re working on it! Presumably this means Favreau and Justin Theroux are hammering out a script together, since I’m pretty sure they haven’t gotten to the point of production yet. But with a release date of 2010, they’d really better get crackin’. If we don’t see casting announcements within the next few weeks, it’s time to get the fans harassing Favreau again.


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