Edgar Wright si “Ant Man”Edgar Wright and the Ant Man

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Edgar Wright to direct Ant Man is looking to be spot-on. Wright spoke with Wizard Universe about his TV series Spaced, and also gave a little info about his plans for Ant Man, which is still very much in early development.

“I think it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever written,”

Wright said.

“It was a real blast to write. I know that [Marvel’s] very pleased with what we’ve done.” Wright also talked extensively about his love for the character, which he describes as “slightly D-list.”

He continued,

“My thing has always been to take something that would seem to be uncool and make it really cool and that’s certainly the case with British cops in Hot Fuzz. To take the most seemingly kind of underwhelming concept and make something really cool out of it—I always liked that premise.”

Wright had lots of say about Spaced as well, which is finally getting the American following it deserves now that it’s been released on DVD here. Check it out to get a feel for the guy who will be in charge of Ant Man, probably just as likely as Jon Favreau to make a comic book movie as hilarious as it is exciting.


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