Arnie in “Terminator Salvation”?Arnie in Terminator Salvation?

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For a while, we thought Arnold Schwarzenegger was not going to appear in Terminator Salvation because he was too busy as the Governor of California to devote time to a movie. Arnold even publicly stated that he was unimpressed by footage he was shown, further solidifying our speculation. But guess what – Arnold’s finally stepping into the action, as far as we can tell at least. The good folks at Latino Review uncovered a recent photo (as seen above) of Arnold on the set chatting with Christian Bale. Additionally, they were sent some info from a reader that explains that McG is planning on using CGI to replace the face of actor Roland Kickinger with Arnold’s face. So Arnold will return in Terminator Salvation after all?

The tipster mentions that “the premise of Arnie’s involvement is to have a fully rendered digital face of Arnie replacing the recently cast Roland Kickinger.” They add that Arnold was on set to provide voice over dialogue which would be later worked into the film via ADR (aka automated dialogue replacement). Back at Comic-Con, McG hinted that T-800 is part of the mythology and will be in the movie, which is where all of these Arnold rumors began. With this update, it definitely seems like he’ll be back, although it may be a CGI face on Kickinger’s body with Arnold’s recorded voice. But in the end I’m sure it will look seamless. And if all this turns out to be true, we will indeed see Arnold in this new Terminator movie.


The picture… believe or… not!

And the videos :


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