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Battle for Terra, pe numele sau original Terra, este o animatie computerizata plina de aventuri cu o poveste fascinanta. Animatia a debutat prima oara la festivalul de film din Toronto in 2007. In sfarsit, dupa atata timp, AOL a publicat si trailerul oficial.

Battle for Terra este regizat de canadianul Aristomenis Tsirbas, cunoscut si ca Meni Tsirbas, care a lucrat in industria efectelor speciale vizuale si isi face acum debutul ca regizor cu aceasta animatie. Scenariul a fost scris de Tsirbas si Evan Spiliotopoulos, acesta din urma este un consultant de povesti si scenarist la Disney. Animatiile se vor face la  MeniThings, compania cu care a lucrat Tsirbas. Battle for Terra va ajunge la cinema din data de 1 mai.



Battle for Terra, originally called just Terra, is one of them that deserves plenty of praise for both its great story and fantastic animation. Yet it has been mishandled ever since it debuted at the Toronto Film Festival way, way back in 2007 (that’s where I first saw it). The first trailer has finally hit the web today, courtesy of AOL.

Battle for Terra is directed by Canadian filmmaker Aristomenis Tsirbas, also known as Meni Tsirbas, who has worked in the visual effects industry for years and made his feature directorial debut with Battle for Terra. The screenplay was co-written by Tsirbas and writing partner Evan Spiliotopoulos, a Disney story consultant and screenwriter. Tsirbas’ MeniThings was the company that did all of the animation work. After debuting at the Toronto Film Festival back in 2007, this was eventually picked up by Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions. Battle for Terra arrives in limited theaters starting on May 1st this summer.



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