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In filmul lui Philippe Martinez, Tribes of October vor juca Ray Stevenson, Jaime King, Stephen Moyer, Robert Duvall si James Caan. Filmul va fi un post-apocaliptic thriller cu un buget alocat de 25 de milioane de dolari.

Tot filmul va fi facut pe ecranul verde (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) si se asteapta sa fie prezent si la Cannes.

Actiunea din Tribes of October se petrece in viitor, intr-un New York inconjurat de desert cu furtuni toride iar tehnologia orasului a decazut atat de mult incat orice a fost facut dupa anul 1960 nu mai functioneaza. In acest context, un detectiv (Ray Stevenson) il vaneaza pe capul Mafiei (James Caan) care acesta ii urmareste pe cei de la departamentul de politie din New York, condusi de Robert Duvall. Detectivul interpretat de Stevenson este in cautarea dragostei (Jaime King). Stephen Moyer va interpreta rolul unui alt instet detectiv de strada.









In Philippe Martinez’s Tribes of October stars Ray Stevenson, Jaime King, Stephen Moyer, Robert Duvall and James Caan had all joined the cast of what was being called a post-apocalyptic thriller on a $25 million budget. It was also mentioned that they were shooting it using almost entirely green screen (think Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) and that a demo reel they had whipped up would be shown at Cannes.

Tribes of October is set in a future in which New York has become surrounded by an endless desert plagued by heat storms, and the city’s technology has decayed so much that nothing made after 1960 works. In this environment, a detective (Ray Stevenson) is on the hunt for a Mafia don (James Caan) who is going after the remnants of the NYPD, led by Robert Duvall. Stevenson’s detective character is simultaneously searching for the love of his life (Jaime King). Stephen Moyer plays another cynical and street smart detective.



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