The Final Destination – Trailer si Poster


New Line au debutat cu primul trailer la filmul The Final Destination, (Final Destination 4). De data aceasta, Bobby Campo joaca rolul adolescentei care vede moartea inainte de a lovi.

Povestea suna cam asa : Dupa ce un adolescent prevede moartea intr-o cursa de masini, salvand viata soferilor, moartea ii cauta pe acestia pentru a duce treaba la bun sfarsit.

The Final Destination este regizat de catre David R. Ellis, cel care a regizat si Final Destination 2, Cellular si Snakes on a Plane iar scenariul a fost scris de Eric Bress (Final Destination 2, The Butterfly Effect, Kyle XY).

Warner Brothers va lansa filmul The Final Destination in cinematografe incepand cu data de 28 august.



New Line has debuted the first trailer for The Final Destination, aka just Final Destination 4, the newest sequel in the death-defying franchise. This time, Bobby Campo plays the newest can’t-act teen who sees death before it strikes.

After a teen’s premonition of a deadly race-car crash helps saves the lives of his peers, Death sets out to collect those who evaded their end. The fourth iteration in the franchise that all began back in 2000.

The Final Destination is directed again by David R. Ellis, who directed Final Destination 2, Cellular, and Snakes on a Plane previously, but began as a stunt coordinator and second unit director. The screenplay was written by Eric Bress, of Final Destination 2, The Butterfly Effect, and most episodes of “Kyle XY” on TV. Warner Brothers will be bringing The Final Destination to theaters everywhere on August 28th.



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