Acasă Filme Guest Post

Guest Post

Locul unde oricine își poate exprima părerea despre filme și/sau seriale.

Ant-Man – In many ways you simply have to see it

Closing the by now famous phase two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Ant-Man” takes Marvel’s ability to change tone and artistic direction to a whole new level. Sure, we’ve seen how good these guys are in juggling with dramatic themes, planet wide conflicts, conspiracy theories and pretty much all types of comedy, sometimes all of the above throughout the...

Terminator Genisys – “It’s almost like the Terminator gives his blessing”

Going back to the history behind a movie, is something we do often at F and G must see in our review introductions, usually just to get our readers into the mood and provide the proper setting. “Terminator: Genisys” however is the kind of film we just cannot review without making some serious digging into the past of the...

True Detective: “The World we deserve”

Primul sezon din "True Detective" a fost un eveniment ieşit din comun. Technica filmării şi cromatica întunecat-ambientală, noir, apăsătoare, jocul actoricesc autentic, convingător, greutatea ideatică a dialogurilor precum şi locaţia, toate au constituit un cumul de alegeri adecvate revigorării unui gen dificil de abordat: drama poliţistă. Sezonul doi al seriei antologice, îşi va avea premiera astăzi 22 iunie, însă...

Jurassic World – The hunger for “more teeth” has never been bigger

A part of me just wants to rant about the lack of ideas, coped with the lack of risk taking, imagination and vision that Hollywood seems to be brooding in, resuming to a string of endless sequels, prequels, reboots and other such cinematic mainstream. But then again who are we kidding? We’re just as geeks here at F and...

Mad Max Fury Road – “A rare and unexpected cinematic event that nobody should miss”

When writing about movies here at F and G must see, we tend to apply a certain methodology, not that we’d want to be labelled as stiff, just making sure we cover it all, screenplay, direction, acting, special effects, music and in the end the balance between all these and their impact on the big screen. Then, rarely, something like...
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