Linda Hamilton in Terminator?

Linda Hamilton will somehow show up in the new batch of Terminator movies, starting with Terminator Salvation? According to, Hamilton is signed up for a three picture deal to reprise her part as Sarah Connor in flashback sequences. One problem though, Linda Hamilton’s...

Lethal Weapon 5 on the run

The guys at CS got the scoop from a password protected site called TrackingB. They claim that Shane Black, the guy who wrote the original Lethal Weapon movie and who most recently wrote and directed the highly underrated noir flick Kiss Kiss, Bang...

Keanu Reeves in Cowboy Bebop Movie?

Last month word started circulating around that 20th Century Fox was finally making it happen, and now the guys over at claim to know who is starring in it. Their source tells them that Keanu Reeves is attached to play the lead...

Austin Powers 4?

Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Myers and New Line are working on an Austin Powers 4. ”There's no deal in place yet but New Line is panting after No. 4,” writes Nikki Finke, provoking both a repulsive mental image and pity for a...

Dragonball Movie Teaser Pics

New teaser pics from upcoming Dragonball Movie. Plot: A young boy named Goku seeks out upon his grandfather's dying request to find the great Master Roshi and gather all seven Dragon Balls (of which he has one) in order to prevent Piccolo from succeeding in...

Thomas Crown Affair 2 in 2009

Pierce Brosnan is keen to get back to doing some spying. Brosnan tells USA Today that he’s starting work on a sequel to The Thomas Crown Affair. The Thomas Crown Affair 2 should hit theaters as soon as next year. We’ve heard this...

Prince Of Persia Delay

Disney has delayed the release of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time until 2010, saying they want to allow plenty of time for post-production work. Variety also notes that the possibility of an actors’ strike means Disney probably wants to build in as much...

Terminator Salvation Set Pics

Two new set pics from upcoming Terminator Salvation with Cristian Bale in main role.

The Goonies 2?

Talks of a remake or a sequel have been floating around forever, and even Josh Brolin, probably the Goonie who has hit the big time the most, ahs said he’d be down to revisit the Fratellis and Baby Ruths and all the rest. Now...