Matt Damon in Torso?Matt Damon in Torso?


When we gave an update on TORSO, the long gestating David Fincher directed adaptation of the Brian Michael Bendis graphic novel of the same name, a couple of years ago, producer Todd McFarlane mentioned an interest in having Matt Damon or Leonardo DiCaprio play the lead role of Eliot Ness.

A few days ago, a local Cleveland site discussing the possibility of having this high profile film shoot there considering the story revolves around Ness’ investigation of Cleveland’s Torso killer (he literally left only the torso’s of his victims at the crime scene) while Ness was city safety director there in 1934, mentioned the following:

“Paramount Studios wants to shoot “Torso,” a big-budget production that will star Matt Damon as Eliot Ness, early next year in Cleveland.”

Come again? Did McFarlane will Damon onto the project? Or did Damon secretly already sign on the dotted line to topline the flick? Will this movie still even happen at Paramount with Fincher’s recent clash with the studio over BENJAMIN BUTTON? We should have an update around 2010 or so.


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