Warner Brothers started planning for an I Am Legend sequel mere weeks after the first one debuted, and now those plans have ripened. Variety says they’re set to go with Will Smith back as Dr. Robert Neville and Francis Lawrence is back to direct. Warner Brothers planuiau o continuare la I Am Legend cu ceva vreme inainte debutului filmului initial.  Variety spune ca, continuarea, il va avea inapoi pe Will Smith in rolul Dr. Robert Neville si Francis Lawrence va regiza.

The prequel will show all the panic in between as the plague does its dirty work among the New York population. Basically, what you’ll have, is a standard zombie movie. It’s Will Smith in Resident Evil: I Am Legend.


Continuarea va avea ca tema panica populatiei din New York din timpul ciumei (infectiei) care a avut loc in primul film. Practic ce vom avea,

“este un film, standard, cu zombie.  Will Smith in Resident Evil: I Am Legend.”

– glumeste Josh Tyler de la CinemaBlend.


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