In februarie am aflat ca Len Wiseman va regiza noul film, care va fi 3D, din franciza Underworld si ca, eroina principala din prima parte a francizei, Kate Beckinsale a refuzat rolul din motive personale, dar…

intr-o recenta conferinta de presa, acesta anunta ca Beckinsale isi va relua rolul de Lycan pe nume Selene. In aceasta conferinta nu s-a anuntat nimic de formatul 3D care a fost anuntat ci doar ca Wiseman va fi producatorul si va incepe acest proiect in luna martie 2011.

Producatorii sunt in cautarea unei actrite care sa interpreteze rolul fiicei lui Selene.

Nu se stiu detalii despre poveste dar scenariul va fi scris de J. Michael Straczynski (Changeling, Ninja Assassin).



Back February we heard Len Wiseman would be directing the next sequel in the Underworld franchise which would head into the third dimension as well as outer space for film’s story. At the time the return of franchise star Kate Beckinsale seemed unlikely and the actress was interested in passing the franchise down to one of her real-life daughters. A press release cleared things up by announcing Beckinsale would indeed reprise her role as the Lycan hunter Selene. However, there is no mention of 3D and Wiseman is only producing the project with a director currently being sought to helm the project in March of 2011.

In addition, producers are also looking for an actress to take the role of Selene’s daughter. No story details were revealed but the script will be written by J. Michael Straczynski (Changeling, Ninja Assassin).



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