Star Wars 3D – In cinematografe din februarie 2012

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Lucasfilm Ltd. si Twentieth Century Fox au anuntat oficial re-lansarea in cinematografe a seriei Star Wars in 3D incepand cu Episode I The Phantom Menace, pregatit de lansare din 10 februarie 2012.

Nu s-a mentionat inca data fixa de lansare in varianta 3D pe Blu-ray dar Star Wars: The Complete Saga a fost anuntat in 2D Blu-ray din septembrie 2011.

Daca va ajunge si la noi in cinematografe (varianta 3D) veti merge sa-l vedeti?


Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox have officially announced the 3D theatrical re-release of the Star Wars movies, starting with Episode I The Phantom Menace, which is slated for February 10, 2012. No mention has been made of the 3D Blu-ray release that is likely to take place eventually. Note that Star Wars: The Complete Saga has been announced on 2D Blu-ray for September 2011.



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