GK Films announced yesterday that Robert De Niro has joined the cast alongside of Mel Gibson in the upcoming drama Edge of Darkness. The film, directed by Martin Campbell of Goldeneye, Vertical Limit, and Casino Royale, is an adaptation of a BBC miniseries, also directed by Campbell, that aired in 1985.
The screenplay was written by Oscar winning writer William Monahan of The Departed and Kingdom of Heaven previously. This is also the first film that Gibson has a lead role in since 2002 when he starred in Signs and We Were Soldiers. With the addition of another fine actor, Edge of Darkness is starting to look like a project that could end up being the talk of the town when it finally hits theaters.
In the film, Gibson stars as Thomas Craven, a straitlaced homicide detective for the Boston Police Dept. and single father, whose 24-year old daughter is murdered on the steps of his home. The cop assumes he was the target, but his investigation leads in another direction and uncovers his daughter’s secret life, a corporate cover-up and government collusion. De Niro joins as an operative sent to clean up the evidence. The original miniseries has quite a high rating on IMDb, so I expect a great story, especially in the hands of Monahan who has been writing nearly every high profile drama since he won Oscar in 2006. Shooting begins later this month in Massachusets. Definitely sounds like a film to keep our eye on!


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