HR reports that they’re making Venom, a movie based on the Spider-Man 3 bad guy of the same name. Of course this would be a lot easier to do if they hadn’t killed off Venom in Spider-Man 3, or if they’d even handled the character better to begin with rather than relegating him to a footnote, when really he probably deserved to be the focal point of the movie. Ah well, webbing under the bridge at this point.

Right now it’s still early in the development process. They’ve just commissioned a script to be written by Jacob Estes, best known for Mean Creek, a movie which couldn’t possibly have less to do with superheroes.
As for whether Topher Grace, who played the character in Spider-Man 3, will be Venom again… it’s up in the air. Sony apparently wants someone who can carry a tentpole, and they don’t think he can. Which probably means they want a “name” which also oftetn means someone who can’t act. Why do I hear the name Josh Hartnett ringing in my head? Topher’s a great actor, the Spidey 3 script just didn’t give him a lot to work with. He’s actually perfect for the part, hopefully the folks at Sony have the spidey-sense necessary to give him a chance.


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