Linda Hamilton will somehow show up in the new batch of Terminator movies, starting with Terminator Salvation?

According to, Hamilton is signed up for a three picture deal to reprise her part as Sarah Connor in flashback sequences. One problem though, Linda Hamilton’s representatives have already denied it. They say they haven’t heard about it. Of course, reps lie all the time, so it’s hard to say whether their denial, or any PR rep’s denial for that matter, means much. Denial is generally their default position.
What makes this whole thing even more suspicious than denials from Linda’s publicist though, is the context in which Terminator Salvation director McG has been talking about his movie. From the project’s very beginning, he’s gone out of his way to position the thing as a brand new beginning for the franchise, a starting over for the whole idea. If that’s what he’s after, it sure wouldn’t make much sense to dig up Hamilton wherever she’s been hiding and shove her into a few flashbacks. By definition that’s living in the past, something McG has been adamant about not doing.


  1. […] HERE we hear something about Linda Hamilton to return in next Terminator Salvation. This time, the noise comes from a website called, where they claim to have spoken to “some people behind the scenes” of Terminator Salvation at Comic Con. Having been at that same Comic Con and failed to even locate “behind the scenes” let alone get into it, I have to wonder who the heck these people were, and how a site called managed to get behind the scenes to talk to these apparently very important people, when no one else was able to. I guess they have pull, or really big muscles. They are Arnold Fans after all. TheArnoldFans say they used their powers to get these mysterious, unnamed people to tell them: “Linda is the only way to go to honor the original Terminator films and to tie our films together. We’re big fans of The Sarah Connor Chronicles but we’re either going with Linda or shooting the actors holding a picture.” […]


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