Marc Abraham, is attached to an adaptation of the 1982 horror movie The Thing, and The Latino Review got him to spill the beans on exactly what kind of adaptation this is going to be.

“This is more of a prequel than a sequel, there is your exclusive,”

Abraham said, being up-front about how badly interviewers want to get the exclusive goods.

“Its going to be taking place in the same time frame.”

Wait, what? It’s a prequel that takes place at the same time? The Latino Review’s George Roush managed to clear things up for people, like me, who missed the original movie.

“The film is about a shape-shifting alien that is revived after being frozen in ice. The alien infiltrates a scientific research station in the Antarctic and kills a Norwegian research team. A nearby American research team investigates the incident and is in turn infiltrated by the alien. So this means that we get to find out what Norwegian research team went through!!”


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