Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment au anuntat Conviction pentru Blu-ray din 1 februarie 2011.

In aceasta drama cu Hillary Swank si Sam Rockwell bazata pe o poveste adevarata despre Betty Ann Waters, o fosta absolveta a liceului din Boston, acum o mama angajata ce porneste intr-o calatorie de 18 ani de a-si ajuta fratele ce a fost acuzat pe nedrept si a-i recastiga libertatea.

Bonusurile vor include un interviu din culise cu adevarata Betty Ann Waters.


Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced Conviction for Blu-ray release on February 1, 2011. This drama, starring Hillary Swank and Sam Rockwell, is based on the true story of Betty Ann Waters, a Boston high-school dropout and working mother who embarked on an 18-year quest to help clear the name of her wrongly-accused brother and win back his freedom.

Special features include a behind-the-scenes interview with the real Betty Ann Waters.



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