The guys at CS got the scoop from a password protected site called TrackingB. They claim that Shane Black, the guy who wrote the original Lethal Weapon movie and who most recently wrote and directed the highly underrated noir flick Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, has a spec script which he’s trying to get super-producer Joel Silver to use in continuing the Lethal Weapon franchise. The story for this 5th outing involves Riggs about to retire, but yanking Murtaugh out of his already well underway retirement to solve one last case before they both start wearing their pants up past their navels.
What’s more, word is that both Glover and Gibson are ready and willing to return (though not signed to anything) as Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs respectively. Glover I can see, but I really expected Mel Gibson to be much too busy directing and apologizing for hating Jews. Shocking.


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