It’s not that uncommon for a project to go from one high-paid star to another, but it’s rare for the star to change gender (without makeup or other procedure).

But now Angelina Jolie is stepping in for Tom Cruise on the much-buzzed spy thriller EDWIN A. SALT.

Philip Noyce (A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER) is still attached to direct the script from Kurt Wimmer (EQUILIBRIUM), which will get a new title (duh) and a few other alterations to accomodate the sudden breasts.

Jolie will play a CIA officer accused of being a Russian sleeper spy and must evade capture long enough to prove her innocence, which will presumably inolve shooting and hitting numerous people. The perception is that her sweaty form helped catapult the flashy flick WANTED to its brawny boxoffice take, so putting her in another action lead seems like a safe bet.

Cruise, meanwhile, is reportedly looking for another comedy after getting positive notices for his part in TROPIC THUNDER.


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