Summit Entertainment este in negocieri avansate de a achizitiona drepturile filmului The Beaver, cu Mel Gibson in rolul principal si cu Jodie Foster ca regizor, spune Variety.


Comedia neagra, scrisa de Kyle Killen, va fi despre un om ce trece printr-o depresie dar isi gaseste consolarea in a purta cu el o papusa castor. Pe langa regie Foster va juca si in rolul sotiei acestui om.

Foster a mai jucat alaturi de Gibson si in filmul Maverick lansat in 1994.



Summit Entertainment is in advanced talks to acquire world rights to The Beaver, with Mel Gibson starring for director Jodie Foster, reports Variety.

The dark comedy, written by Kyle Killen, centers on a depressed man who finds solace in wearing a beaver hand-puppet. In addition to helming, Foster will play the role of the man’s wife.

Foster boarded the project and brought it to Gibson, with whom she co-starred in 1994’s Maverick.



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