There are just too many news tidbits floating around that it’s not really worth writing an article for each one of them. However, the big ones are the three we just mentioned – Green Lantern, Justice League and Mad Max 4. I’m sure most know of the Justice League movie and the Green Lantern movie, but I bet no one knew they were making a Mad Max 4! (Actually, we did mention it back in October.) The first bit of news comes from SlashFilm, where Peter dug up numerous recent mentions of Mad Max 4 being in development down in Australia. And while he does mention Justice League as well, most of the news on that today comes from IESB. But most of all, when comic fans hear about this latest Green Lantern script, they’ll definitely be very excited for what could potentially be the next big comic book movie.

First things first, SlashFilm has some confirmations that Mad Max 4, Happy Feet 2, and even Babe 3 are still in production somewhere down in Australia. Our report on Mad Max 4 in October said that George Miller would be working on Mad Max 4 at the same time as the Justice League movie (and presumably Happy Feet 2 as well). Unfortunately none of these are sequels that anyone seems too excited for, but maybe there are still closet Mad Max fans out. The last film, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, arrived in 1985 and considering Hollywood is somewhat obsessed with the 80’s right now, it seems reasonable that it’s a franchise on the verge of returning. Unfortunately, like Indiana Jones, I don’t think it’s going to turn out that well and really isn’t necessary – but that’s just me.

Jumping to the Justice League of America movie, just last week we reported that the film was back on track. This was some truly sad news considering I personally hated the entire idea of that movie (and so did a lot of fans), but alas, what can we do. However, IESB talked with Warner Brothers and apparently found out that it is not moving forward. “[They’re] not willing to risk pissing off Christopher Nolan or Christian Bale and their intent would be to move forward with a third Batman film instead of introducing another Batman in a JLA film.” Sounds like a smart move! Additionally, they say that the aforementioned George Miller is now off of Justice League. Instead, he’s been attached to the new Green Lantern project.

So let’s get to Green Lantern. He’s a character that many comic fans would love to see on the big screen but obviously a challenge. IESB got their hands on a new script drafted by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green that they say “is action packed from the beginning to end.” It starts by immediately explaining that there are extraterrestrials that protect the universe with power rings and one of us has become a Green Lantern. “The story follows the traditional Hal Jordan/Green Lantern story lines to a certain degree including the battle between Legion and Abin Sur, Abin Sur’s crash landing on Earth, as well as the choosing of Hal Jordan over Guy Gardner and Clark Kent.” They go on to say that the script “is a sure-fire hit for fan boys, but in scale it’s big, VERY big” which is why they want to get Miller to direct it. In the end, Robert says “this script totally kicks ass”.



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