Our favorite Rush Hour and X-Men: The Last Stand director Brett Ratner is behind the remake of an obscure 1980 horror film called Mother’s Day directed by Charles Kaufman, according to Shock Till You Drop. Thankfully, Ratner isn’t directing the film. Instead, Darren Lynn Bousman (Repo! The Genetic Opera, Saw II-IV) seems to be up for the role, though no paperwork has actually been signed. As for Ratner, he’ll be involved in purely a producing capacity as apparently he’s quite a fan of the original film. For the script, that rests with Franck Khalfoun of P2; that’s not exactly encouraging, as P2 was a mess and Mother’s Day doesn’t seem any better. I know we’re all tired of remakes, but bear with me on this one.

Sadly, I haven’t seen the original movie, though it’s said to have quite the cult following. Basically, the story surrounds two bad-intentioned nutjobs (brothers Ike and Addley) who live with their equally insane mother in an isolated part of the woods. Three women stumble upon the trio and are captured and abused by the brothers at the behest of the mother. Apparently, one of them is killed at some point and the other two flee, but return seeking revenge. Form what it sounds like, this could be pretty interesting. Nothing ground-breaking or terribly compelling, but probably solid C-grade horror. We’ll keep an eye out for casting as that is sure to influence the project’s promise. I wonder who they might get for the maniacal mother?



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