Douã stiri importante legate de actorul cult Simon Pegg au fost lansate astãzi. Mai întâi, Pegg nu va mai juca în filmul Inglorious Bastards al lui Tarantino dupã cum s-a anuntat initial.

“Nu voi mai juca în viitorul film al lui Quentin Tarantino din cauza programului încãrcat. Am încercat din rãsputeri sã facem cumva sã meargã lucrurile, dar, în cele din urmã, n-ar fi fost posibil fãrã ramificatii severe în altã parte.”

O stire destul de tristã, întrucât toatã lumea ardea de nerãbdare sã-l vadã în noul film, dar, din pãcate, asa se întâmplã cu actorii foarte ocupati, cum e Simon. Totusi, vestea bunã e cã a fost gãsit un regizor pentru urmãtorul film al lui Pegg, intitulat “Paul”. Greg Mottola, regizorul filmului “Superbad” (Super Rãi în România), a preluat frâiele proiectului creat de Pegg si Nick Frost. Filmul are ca subiect central aventura a doi britanici, fani împãtimiti ai benzilor desenate, prin America. Se pare cã Nick Frost va avea rolul principal, în timp ce Pegg va fi personajul secundar.


“I won’t be appearing in QT’s forthcoming Inglorious Bastards due to insurmountable scheduling difficulties. We really tried to make it work but in the end, it just was not possible without severe ramifications elsewhere.”

Quite sad because I was looking forward to his appearance, but that’s how it goes with busy actors like Simon. The good news, however, is that Pegg’s next film, titled just Paul, has found a director. Greg Mottola of Superbad and the upcoming Adventureland has signed on to direct that film which was written by Pegg and Nick Frost.

The film is a road movie set in America about two British comic book geeks that get into an adventure across America. Apparently Nick Frost, the larger of the two actors, will be playing the lead while Pegg will be the sidekick – which actually makes more sense with that story. I’ve been incredibly excited to see this movie since it was first announced and I’m so happy that it’s getting made this soon! Back in May, Pegg said it would be shooting later this year, and considering his scheduling conflict with Tarantino’s film, it sounds like they’re shooting Paul already. I can’t wait to see how Mottola handles Pegg and Frost without Edgar Wright directing this time!




  1. Hmmm. The Americans don’t “become” jews or christians or any kind of eurasian, of course, so this movie is an Inglorious Stupidity at best, and an Inglorious Investment Failure for it’s investors before it starts. Stupid.

  2. You know any Tarantino “normal” movie? 🙂
    WIth this cast and directed by Tarantino, Inglorious Bastards will be a kick-ass boxoffice movie, does not matter how bad (or not) movie will be.
    We`ll see…

  3. It’ll be a killer movie, for somebody, in some way, that’s for sure, but not the way the bogus makers will try to make you believe, and The Americans will end up on the top. This is inevitable. They’ll get it done. And they won’t hold back for a eurasian calling himself “jimmy x”, either. The Americans don’t give a shit about box-office except their own and they will kick the ass.


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