In a bizarre case of jumping back on the horse and the bandwagon at the same time, Sonnenfeld has said he is actively pursuing an adaptation of Mark Haskell Smith’s quirky mobster comedy novel Moist. Again.

MTV spoke to Sonnenfeld, who has said he is trying to reinvigorate interest in the project after a failed attempt in 2005. At that time he was courting pop-star and wannabe actor Justin Timberlake for the lead role as a morgue attendant who becomes a mafia kingpin while trying to track down the real life inspiration for an erotic tattoo. While Sonnenfeld makes it clear that Timberlake had nothing to do with the original financing falling though (more likely to be a combination of Timberlake’s critical drubbing in debut Edison Force mixed with Sonnenfeld’s own critical assassination over Be Cool), he admits he never really lost interest in pursuing the project.

Being totally up front about exactly why he is choosing this moment to bring the project back, he admits, “Tonally, it’s like Pineapple Express.’”

Whatever his true motives, Sonnenfeld says he has several names in mind for the lead, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Ashton Kutcher, and Justin Long. But he also admits that he is not ruling out re-approaching Timberlake, who has amassed a slightly more passable acting resume since the last time this project was active. Well, until he decided to appear in The Love Guru of course.


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