One of the projects of Warner Bros. prepping is Green Lantern, and the guys over at MH think they may know who they’ll be casting as the titular Lantern.

It looks like Angel, Buffy, and now Bones star David Boreanaz may be up for the part. It seems storyboard artist Brian Murray (see his work here) has been hired to work on the Green Lantern movie, and he got the job based on some Green Lantern concept art he did using Boreanaz and Carla Gugino as models. MH thinks this may mean that the WB has Boreanaz on the brain.

If that’s the direction they’re going, it’s great casting. In fact, he’s already played the character, voicing him in a carton. Unfortunately Boreanaz isn’t exactly a big name, and since Warner Brothers has now decided to ignore reality and view the last superhero movie they did with an unknown, Superman Returns, as a failure, it’s hard to believe they’d want to go that route again. I can only see them going with a David Boreanaz after they’ve been turned down by all the Johnny Depp, Jude Law, *shudder* Brendan Frasers of the world.


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