Yesterday we told you here that Brett Ratner might end up directing Nu Image’s new Conan movie. Ieri va ziceam aici cat Brett Ratner ar fi ales de  Nu Image sa regizeze noul Conan.

It’s been 24 hours and this is the internet, which means you can toss that rumor right out the window. It hasn’t been entirely debunked, but the guys over at LR now claim he’s just one of the many names being considered for the job. You have to wonder… if they knew that, why’d they wait till now to say something? Quit holding out on us fellas!

Their sources tell them that a whole host of high-profile directors are being considered for the job. Nu Image is meeting with everyone, including Neil Marshall, James McTeigue, The Strausse Brothers, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, and Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. They’re also meeting with Robert Rodriguez, the first name in any of this that’s actually exciting. In fact, word is that it’s Rodriguez whom they actually want, if they can find a way to fit it into his busy schedule.

Robert Rodriguez is without a doubt Conan’s number one fan. If LR’s story is right and it’s only scheduling that’s keeping him from the job, then rest assured he’ll take it, if he has to move heaven and earth to get it.


Cei de la LR spun ca ar fi mai multe nume pe lista regizorilor pentru Conan!

Nu Image sa intalnit cu multi pretendenti printre care si Neil Marshall, James McTeigue, fratii Strausse, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Mark Neveldine si Brian Taylor. Printre ei mai era si Robert Rodriguez, care suna chiar interesant. Robert Rodriguez a facut filme, daca nu bune, macar sa spunem… interesante. Lista cu filmele lui le puteti vedea la cei de pe IMDb.
Pastram legatura, pentru noi informatii.



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