Talks of a remake or a sequel have been floating around forever, and even Josh Brolin, probably the Goonie who has hit the big time the most, ahs said he’d be down to revisit the Fratellis and Baby Ruths and all the rest. Now Moviehole’s Clint, buried beneath a possibly overcaffeinated paragraph or two, swears up and down that Goonies 2 is really happening. No, for real this time.
Clint has it from a “very, very good source” that Warner Bros is planning to make Goonies 2 into a tentpole release—not any direct-to-DVD release, but a large-scale production that will be taken seriously. Probably more seriously than the original production was taken, come to think of it. Warner Bros. confirmed that the movie is in development, which is pretty much what they’ve been saying for the last 10 years. But still, if this very good source is to be trusted, we’ll be seeing Data and Chunk in no time!
Presumably if the original actors are returning, it’s a sequel they’ve got in mind, not a remake. Not to say that sequels of 80s movies are foolproof, but it’s probably a better idea than a remake that would be likely to mess up all the characters we love. We’re still waiting on official confirmation for this, but it seems likely that, true to form, Goonies never say die.


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