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The Dark Knight called The Dark Knight Returns. I’m pretty damn sure its fake, but it looks impressive, so I thought I’d put it up anyway. Not only is the Riddler not the official villain for the third movie, but a third movie hasn’t even been announced! If indeed Warner Brothers has put out a poster for a movie three years out that hasn’t been officially announced – that might be groundbreaking in and of itself. However, I’m guessing this is just a brilliant fan creation that deserves to be mentioned simply for the aesthetic and design fundamentals. Bravo to whoever created this. And if I’m wrong and this is real, then even I’ll be shocked!

No need for any further introduction, let’s just get down to it. Thanks to reader “Hilander” for send this.
I think it’s an interesting idea and I would be all for the appearance of the Riddler in a third movie, I just want to actually give the writers time to write the movie first. This might have all stemmed from our contest for the best story for a Dark Knight sequel. Most of the winners featured the Riddler in some fashion, which I quite enjoyed. The reason why I think the Riddler could be an amazing choice for a villain comes from Christopher Nolan’s background. Imagine the intricate story full of twists and turns in The Prestige implemented into the dark and visceral world of The Dark Knight. The Riddler starts asking riddles throughout the movie and it takes the story to an even deeper level. Thoughts?



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