Adam Sandler (Click, Grown Ups) si Jennifer Aniston (The Switch, The Bounty Hunter) interpreteaza rolurile principale in aceasta comedie romantica numita Just Go With It ce va sosi pe Blu-ray din 30 mai de la Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

In Just Go With It mai apar Nick Swardson (You Don’t Mess With the Zohan),  supermodelul international Brooklyn Decker si Dave Matthews (You Don’t Mess With the Zohan).

Bonusurile speciale de pe Blu-ray vor include:

  • Faze haioase: “Rasul e Contagios”
  • Scene Sterse
  • Comentariu cu Adam Sandler, Nick Swardson si producatorii Allen Covert, Tim Herlihy si Steve Koren
  • Comentariu cu regizorul Dennis Dugan
  • Materiale video:
    “The Perfect Couple: Jen and Adam”
    “Dolph-Not The One From Rocky IV”
    “Shooting Hawaii”

Exclusive pe Blu-ray:

  • 11 Minutes in plus din Scene Sterse
  • Materiale video:
    “Adon: Living Plastic”
    “Along Came a Prop Guy”
    “Decker’s Got Gas”
    “Kevin Nealon: The Plastic Man”
    “What’s A Dugan?”
    “Look Who Else Is In The Movie”
    “Sneaky Kiki & Bart the Water Fart”
    “The Not So Perfect Couple”
    “Decker’s First Role”
  • MovieIQ
  • BD-Live


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