20th Century Fox au lansat o aplicaţie pentru iPad numită X-Men EXTRA din filmul X-Men: First Class:

Aplicaţia este un fel de revistă din film şi va apare în curând şi pe iPhone, Blackberry Playbook şi tabletele cu OS Android. Iată detaliile originale:

Twentieth Century Fox announced today a new App, “X-Men EXTRA,” that puts users in the middle of the most defining – and top secret – events of the past century. The digital and updatable magazine app debuted today on the iPad and will be coming soon to iPhone, the Blackberry Playbook and Android tablets.

The App posits, through hidden video clips and newly discovered photos, that the X-Men played a secret role in shaping many historic events, including the Cuban Missile Crisis. Mutants were working within covert government agencies, infiltrating the highest echelons of power – and secretly changing the course of history.

Aplicaţia se poate descărca din magazinul online de aplicaţii iTunes de aici.



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