Cei de la Twitch au cateva poze din filmul horror francez numit The Pack.

The Pack este scris si regizat de Franck Richard, iar filmarile au avut loc in Belgia si recent filmul a intrat in post-productie. De efectele speciale se ocupa Atelier 69 (Frontier(s), Mutants, The Horde si High Lane).

In The Pack au roluri Émilie Dequenne, Yolande Moreau si Philippe Nahon.

Overlook Entertainment spera sa lanseze o varianta promotionala la Cannes.






The guys over at Twitch were sent over the first few photos from a new French creature feature called The Pack.

The Pack is written and directed by first-time French filmmaker Franck Richard. The film was shooting in Belgium for the past few months, but has recently finished and moved into post-production. The special effects are being handled by Atelier 69, the same company behind Frontier(s), Mutants, The Horde, and High Lane.

The Pack stars Émilie Dequenne, Yolande Moreau, and Philippe Nahon. Overlook Entertainment is hoping to have a promo reel available by Cannes.



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